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NGCP creates and shares resources and solutions. These include articles, exemplary practices, research findings, webinar recordings, and more. When programs are stronger and more sustainable, girls and youth are better served.

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Search by resource type, topic, or keyword to find strategies, tools, and activities to advance STEM education for girls. This growing library includes resources for K-12 formal and informal educators, higher education faculty, industry and business leaders, and government.

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Town Hall: Energize Your Creativity
Women professionals from CS Energy share their stories of nurturing their interest in STEM into rewarding careers in this webinar recording.
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Orchestra, Business, White House, Hollywood ... but Science Drives this Darden Dynamo
Olivia has been involved with NGCP since she was a teen. "It’s shaped me significantly in terms of who I am and the causes that I care about."
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Brite: How a Virtual Summer Camp Made a Challenging Summer Brighter
Brite leaders share lessons learned and creative ways to approach informal online STEM learning in this webinar recording.
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From Girl Space Dreamers to Women Astronauts
How early do girls start imagining themselves as astronauts? For both Jessica Meir and Christina Koch it was age 5.
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A High School Female’s Perspective on the Importance of Engaging Girls in STEAM During the COVID-19 Pandemic
"I believe that authentic integration of the arts with STEM is important because it allows students to creatively solve problems."
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Brite 2020: Reflections on Our New Initiative
Participants from the first offering of Brite reflect on the experience and the value it brought to their girl-serving programs.
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Town Hall: JumpStart Your Creativity!
Youth Advisory Board members moderate a discussion about careers in AI, robotics, math, and visual arts technology in this webinar recording.
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Driving Home the Message: Girls Have No Limits
NGCP partnered with Mercedes-Benz and Matchbox, inspiring girls with replica toy cars and Ewy Rosqvist’s winning Grand Prix performance.
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Career Girls Launches STEM Program for Girls in Rwanda
Using its African role model videos, Career Girls worked with Starlight Africa to develop culturally sensitive and relevant curricula.
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