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NGCP values collaboration. With the support of our partners, we have grown our network of networks over the past 20 years. We continually seek partners who align with our vision: STEM experiences that are as diverse as the world we live in. Our partners have included museums and science centers, afterschool networks, universities, libraries, nonprofits, and more. 

Through a partnership with NGCP, we can help you:

  1. Expand your reach by tapping into our network of 40,000 organizations. 
  2. Incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion exemplary practices into your program design.
  3. Design and disseminate high-quality curriculum that incorporates equitable approaches to learning.
  4. Design and facilitate STEM professional development and educator capacity building opportunities.
  5. Manage recruitment, applications, and databases for mini-grant and large-scale projects.
  6. Prepare your program to effectively and equitably scale regionally, nationally, and globally.

For more information on our audience and reach, visit

If you would like to explore a partnership with NGCP — either financial support or an in-kind sharing of time and expertise, please complete the Partnership Inquiry Form. We will respond to all inquiries within 3-5 business days.

Partnership Inquiry Form

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Our Current Partners

See a list of the organizations in the public and private sectors we are partnering with to support girl-serving STEM programs.

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Partnership Spotlights

Check out our partner spotlights, showing how a scaling partnership with NGCP helped organizations reach a larger, more diverse audience and increase their program's impact.

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Million Girls Moonshot

NGCP has developed a research-based model for equitable and inclusive program design.

Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA

Through partnerships with girl-serving STEM organizations, NGCP has helped organizations plan and implement community events.

Leap into Science

This partnership has scaled programming to thousands of children.

Libraries as Community Hubs for Citizen Science

This project supports libraries dedicated to becoming citizen science hubs.

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