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There are many exciting careers in the cutting-edge fields of environmental sustainability, engineering, and renewable energy, all of which require creativity and imagination. NGCP's Girls Advisory Board (now known as the Youth Advisory Board) moderated this discussion for girls with women STEM professionals from CS Energy.

Town Hall: Energize Your Creativity was hosted by NGCP on December 16, 2020. In this webinar recording, women professionals from CS Energy share their stories of nurturing their interest in STEM into rewarding careers.

Diana Palazzi Mery - woman with short dark hair wearing blue shirt

Diana Palazzi Mery

Diana Palazzi Mery is the Executive Vice President of Accounting & Finance at CS Energy. Diana guides CS Energy’s financial decisions with expertise gained from over 15 years dedicated to the construction industry. She has risen from a summer Intern to Senior Accounting Manager to Financial Controller with CS Energy, gaining advanced levels of responsibility and experience along the way. This includes maintaining CS Energy’s financial health by developing and monitoring financial management strategies and processes, and conducting external auditors, and devising and implementing effective methods of financial reviews to eliminate wasteful spending. Diana has delivered diligent financial management for the successful growth of the company.

Janani Ramkumar - woman with long, dark hair wearing tan shirt

Janani Ramkumar

Janani Ramkumar is the Director, Preconstruction at CS Energy. Janani has nearly a decade of experience in project management and estimating. She leads the Estimating and Pre-Sales Engineering departments, oversees conceptual design for projects, manages bid strategies, administers value-engineering propositions, supervises the development of competitive cost-estimates, and facilitates project startup. As a member of the Senior Management team at CS Energy, her goal is to change the way the world is powered, in an environmentally sustainable manner. She has been a vital part of CS Energy’s exponential growth and success in the last five years.

Meghan Williams - woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a tan shirt

Meghan Williams

Meghan Williams is an Assistant Project Manager at CS Energy. Meghan studied Energy and Environmental Engineering. She graduated in 2019 and worked as a Project Engineer for a general contractor involving water infrastructure in Maryland before joining the CS Energy family in March of 2020 in the New York region. Meghan currently serves as an Assistant Project Manager facilitating day-to-day relationships between the client, CS Energy Team, and subcontractors. This includes overseeing and maintaining site-specific safety and quality, driving site schedule requirements, implementing specifications, and drawing requirements, and ensuring CS Energy delivers an expertly constructed project.

Mallery Flockerzi - Woman with long, dark hair wearing blue shirt

Mallary Flockerzi

Mallary Flockerzi created, implemented and now manages the quality program at CS Energy. She has been with CS Energy for over 8 years where she started as a summer intern and then joined fulltime as a Field Engineer after graduation. Mallary began her career in the heavy civil side of the company and joined the solar industry in 2014. She has managed the construction of many solar projects across the country prior to becoming the Quality Manager and now manages the quality program at CS Energy. As Quality Manager, Mallary manages a team of individuals who work to ensure the project teams are installing a quality product. She also works with the projects teams to review quality issues, develop solutions, implement the solutions, as well as follow thru with  quick closeout of the projects. Mallary also manages the warranty claims and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contracts with the assistance of the Asset Manager. 

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