Reach Across the Stars: Meet Your Female Space & Science Heroes (Virtually!)

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A free augmented reality (AR) app, "Reach Across the Stars: A Universe of Explorers" was created through a collaboration between the Smithsonian’s Because of Her Story Initiative and NASA. It's designed to allow users to explore the universe and unlock the often-overlooked stories of women and their contributions to space exploration and science.

The Reach Across the Stars: Meet Your Female Space & Science Heroes (virtually!) webinar was hosted by NGCP on January 27, 2021. In this webinar recording, the app's creators share their challenges and motivations along with a behind-the-scenes look at their work.

Kimberly Arcand

Kimberly Arcand is a science communicator and the Visualization Scientist and Emerging Technology Lead for NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez is a Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory working as an instrument engineer for the Mars 2020 Rover, Perseverance.

Sasha Samochina

Sasha Samochina is a Creative Technologist and Software Systems Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nicole Stott

Nicole Stott is a Veteran astronaut, aquanaut, founder of the Space & Art Foundation, and author.

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