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NGCP creates and shares resources and solutions. These include articles, exemplary practices, research findings, webinar recordings, and more. When programs are stronger and more sustainable, girls and youth are better served.

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Search by resource type, topic, or keyword to find strategies, tools, and activities to advance STEM education for girls. This growing library includes resources for K-12 formal and informal educators, higher education faculty, industry and business leaders, and government.

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Ukrainian STEM Program Supporting Girls
STEM is FEM is an educational project in Ukraine that aims to foster girls’ STEM interests and skill sets.
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Youth Advisory Board Interview with Dr. Siobahn Day Grady
Dr. Siobahn Day Grady advocates increasing the number of women and minorities in computer science and is an active STEM mentor.
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STEAM Resources for Libraries
Presenters share resources and opportunities that support STEAM programming at libraries in this webinar recording.
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Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Free Resources
Presenters showcase NASA's Universe of Learning free resources, including computer-based and paper-based activities, in this webinar recording.
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Spotlight on STEM Changemaker: Andrea Brooke
Andrea, who serves on NGCP's Board of Directors, helps to equip people unreached or displaced by technology with computing and AI skills.
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The M in STEM: Math in Everyday Life
Learn how to recognize and embrace authentic math moments in everyday life in this webinar recording.
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Families & STEAM: Strengthening Relationships & Building Partnerships
Presenters explore ways to work with families to create equitable and accessible STEAM learning for youth in this webinar recording.
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Spotlight on STEM Changemaker: Mary Murrin
Mary, who serves on NGCP's Board of Directors, works in the energy industry. Find out what excites her most about her work.
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Women's History Month Graphics
These free #WHM graphics feature STEM pioneers Katherine Johnson, Mae Jemison, and Rosalind Franklin.
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