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NGCP creates and shares resources and solutions. These include articles, exemplary practices, research findings, webinar recordings, and more. When programs are stronger and more sustainable, girls and youth are better served.

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Search by resource type, topic, or keyword to find strategies, tools, and activities to advance STEM education for girls. This growing library includes resources for K-12 formal and informal educators, higher education faculty, industry and business leaders, and government.

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STEM Career Information for Girls
NGCP curated this listing of high-quality STEM career information resources for girls and women to help you serve your programs and communities.  
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Suiting Up for Space and STEM
Find out how spacesuits keep astronauts safe in this Q&A with Sharon McDougle, former Space Shuttle Crew Escape Equipment Manager.
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Scully, Sylvia, and the Girl Next Door
We know there are disparities for women in STEM. A new initiative offers resources to help level the playing field for every girl.
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Wonder Park: A Girl-Centered Discussion with Paramount
Mireille Soria discusses presenting girl-positive, STEM-supportive media and shares her professional journey in animation in this webinar recording,
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Latina Sisters Identify Disparities in High School CS Classes and Take Action for Change
We wanted students who cannot afford to take computer science classes to get a chance to experience and learn for free.
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Grace Hopper: The Mother of Computer Science
A look at the influential Grace Hopper, written by an alumna of NGCP's Youth Advisory Board.
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Physicist, Philosopher, Mathematician, Mother: Who Was Emilie du Châtelet and Why Does She Matter?
Emilie — and her legacy — is very much alive in the 21st century. Her literary, scientific, and mathematical opus outlives her.
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National Mentoring Month: Strategies for Mentoring Girls in STEM
In this webinar recording, presenters share tips for using mentors in your programming along with concrete strategies mentors can use to engage girls.
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Engineering Role Models
I will be forever grateful to my math professor-mentor. He helped me find a rewarding career that matched my strengths.
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