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Looking for new computer science and engineering activities for Computer Science Education Week? The IF/THEN® Collection is a free digital library designed to inspire the next generation of girls to pursue STEM careers and features activities and videos of real women STEM professionals.

The Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with the IF/THEN® Collection webinar was hosted by Million Girl Moonshot and NGCP on December 7, 2021. In this webinar recording, a panel of inspiring IF/THEN ambassadors working in computer science showcase free resources for CSEdWeek and beyond.

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Afua Bruce

Afua is a leading public interest technologist who has spent her career working at the intersection of technology, policy, and society. Her career has spanned the government, non-profit, private, and academic sectors, as she has held senior science and technology positions at the White House, the FBI, and IBM. Afua is currently the Chief Program Officer at DataKind, a nonprofit whose mission is to harness the power of data science and AI in service of humanity; at DataKind, Afua leads the technical team, the global volunteers team, and the center of excellence to develop data science and AI solutions for social sector organizations around the world. Afua has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, as well as an MBA. She is co-author of the book The Tech That Comes Next: How changemakers, philanthropists, and technologists create an equitable world, out in March 2022. She is also currently writing picture books that feature women in STEM of different technical, ethnic, and regional backgrounds.

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Gracie Ermi

Gracie is a Research Engineer at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle, WA where she builds technology platforms to support wildlife research. Her work saves researchers’ time in interpreting and collecting data, so that they can work more efficiently. She’s worked on projects related to sharks, elephants, killer whales and bottlenose dolphins!  As a science communicator and an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, Gracie shares her work and her STEM story with audiences around the world. Gracie holds both a B.S. and a M.S. in computer science from Western Washington University, and in her free time she enjoys knitting and hiking in the incredible Pacific Northwest.

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Siobahn Day Grady

Siobahn is the first woman Computer Science Ph.D. graduate from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (2018). She is an Assistant Professor of Information Science/Systems in the School of Library and Information Science at North Carolina Central University, an AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, and an Office e-Learning Faculty Fellow at North Carolina Central University. Her research focuses on utilizing machine learning to identify sources of misinformation on social media and toward improving fault detection in autonomous vehicles.

Dr. Grady advocates increasing the number of women and minorities in computer science. She believes that "The STEM workforce has both gender disparities and that of historically disenfranchised groups. As an ambassador, she affects change by examining girls' perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors, helping them gain confidence in curating and developing a STEM identity." Technology is the way of the future, and Dr. Grady has a vision for minority girls' and women's futures. She realizes that vision by providing educational opportunities through community organizations, college courses, and research grants and publications.

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Sarah Wilson

Sarah is a robotics engineer at Tortuga AgTech in Denver, Colorado. She uses her green thumb and her engineering skills alongside farmers and engineers to build technologies that are revolutionizing the way we grow food. Through smarter farming, she is able to address social, economic, and environmental sustainability issues in global food systems.

Prior to her work in agriculture, Sarah leveraged her experience as an extreme skier in her role as a biomechanical research engineer in Vail, Colorado. At the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, she developed technology and methodology to measure athlete motion for research in injury prevention and recovery. She also led an on-snow research series focused on ski equipment safety and injury prevention. 

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