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NGCP creates and shares resources and solutions. These include articles, exemplary practices, research findings, webinar recordings, and more. When programs are stronger and more sustainable, girls and youth are better served.

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Search by resource type, topic, or keyword to find strategies, tools, and activities to advance STEM education for girls. This growing library includes resources for K-12 formal and informal educators, higher education faculty, industry and business leaders, and government.

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Cyber-Rights: A Virtual Town Hall Event
In this webinar recording, explore the vital role of cybersecurity in safeguarding privacy and human rights in today's digital age.
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Building Equity for Aerospace Training: Inspirational Stories and Strategies to Engage Girls
In this webinar recording, hear powerful stories from women in aviation sharing their journeys.
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Women Who Tell Our STEM Stories
In this webinar recording, celebrate National Women’s History Month with NGCP as we honor and celebrate all the incredible women countering…
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4 Ways to Support Girls in STEM in 2024
Four simple ways you can inspire and uplift girls in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the new year.
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Choosing Toys to Inspire Young Girls in STEM
In this webinar recording, learn about research, resources, and innovative new toys that can be used for supporting STEM play with young girls.
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Choosing Toys to Break STEM Stereotypes
Check out this list of six types of STEM toys that will delight, engage, and inspire young girls – and all young children – in STEM play.
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Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Resources in Action
In this webinar recording, hear from GSAWN stipend recipients who are using the resources and get ideas to implement in your own programs.
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Meet STEM Picture Book Author and Founder of Let’s Engineer! Sheryl Haft
Meet STEM Picture Book Author and Founder of Let’s Engineer! Sheryl Haft in this webinar recording.
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NGCP Podcast: Rewriting the Script: Women's Role in STEM Media
In our final episode, we dive deep into the crucial conversation about women's role in STEM media.
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