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As part of NGCP's 20th Anniversary celebrations, we will be interviewing influential equity and STEM leaders and partners throughout 2022.

NGCP Board member Mary Murrin began her career in public affairs with Westinghouse Electric, returning to the energy industry with Chevron in 2014. In between, she led marketing and public relations for five Carnegie Mellon University start-ups developing software for web search, online education, and telecommunications. Mary is an active community volunteer, serving on the advisory board of the Houston Community College Foundation and the advisory board of the Hermann Park Conservancy along with NGCP. Mary is a former elected member of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County Democratic Committee.

What excites you most about your work?

This is an incredibly important and exciting time to work in the energy industry. Energy is critical to sustaining every person and every economy in the world, so we must continue to provide consistent, dependable resources. And caring for the environment is a priority. The need to act quickly to provide reliable, affordable, cleaner energy is a challenge and a tremendous opportunity to change the future.  

What do you most appreciate in a collaborator?

It takes experience and time to hone and learn to listen to your instincts about another person’s intent and authenticity. Mr. Roger’s said, “look for the helpers.” What I have learned to appreciate most in a collaborator, is an authentic belief that helping one another to get smarter, work better, and solve problems means success for all.  

What advice would you give to the NGCP community?

The beauty and challenge of growing is to understand yourself and your value. Show up, work hard, watch, and listen. Know that it’s good — not silly — to ask questions when something isn’t clear to you. Give yourself time to learn and, when you’re ready, own and advocate for your value.

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Mary Murrin

Mary Murrin is the Corporate Affairs Advisor to Chief Digital Officer for Chevron, based in Houston. She previously led social investment projects for Chevron in Houston and in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio.


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