NGCP Podcast: The Power of Caregivers: Nurturing Girls' STEM Journey at Home

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Join us as we delve into the crucial role of caregivers in fostering girls' interest, confidence, and success in STEM. In this episode, we explore the invaluable contributions of caregivers in creating a vibrant learning ecosystem for girls. Discover how caregivers can inspire and support girls in their STEM journey at home, providing the necessary guidance, encouragement, and resources. We'll discuss practical strategies and insights to nurture girls' STEM interests, cultivate their curiosity, and empower them to pursue STEM pathways. Together, let's unlock the power of caregivers in shaping a future where girls thrive in STEM.  


  •  Vroom @joinvroom has 1000+ tips to turn everyday moments with children, infant to 5 years, into brain-building moments 
  • Ready4K @Ready4K is an evidence-based family engagement curriculum delivered via text messages. The ideas are easy to fit into everyday activities in the home and on the go. 
  •  STEMIE @stemiiee is a national center partnering to build knowledge on STEM learning for children ages birth to 5, especially those with disabilities. 


Research, Girls and STEM  

Learnings from Techbridge Girls 

Capacity building with STEM Next 



Bunmi Esho - woman with long dark hair wearing glasses

Bunmi Esho

Family Engagement Advisor STEM Next

Bunmi Esho is part of the leadership team of the Endless OS Foundation where she leads the strategy and execution for outreach initiatives. Prior to EOSF, Bunmi was Director of Strategic Partnerships at Techbridge Girls, leading the strategy for building national partnerships and also served as the California Executive Director, leading program operations, fundraising and strategic planning for the California region. Bunmi is committed to empowering youth to see themselves in STEM as a STEM graduate herself.

Before TBG, Bunmi lived in Southeast Asia leading education programs and managing teams with local nonprofits, schools and the first and only Science Center in Cambodia, Kids City Asia, as Program Director. Ms. Esho has years of experience in the corporate, nonprofit and education sectors in the United States and Cambodia. She is an active philanthropist and community leader, with past leadership roles at the Urban League of San Diego County, Women Give San Diego and Mission Valley Sunset Rotary Club, Education Co-Chair with the Full Circle Fund, and current roles as RightOn! Education Advisor, Christensen Institute Social Capital R&D Project Advisor and Steering Committee Member for the National Academy of Engineering’s EngineerGirl. She is a recent 4.0 Fellow and 4.0 Angel Syndicate.

Bunmi holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and M.Ed. from the University of Arizona. She loves road trips and has traveled cross-country through the US and abroad.

Connect with Bunmi Esho 

Linda Kekelis

Linda Kekelis

Family Engagement Advisor, STEM Next

Dr. Linda Kekelis is an advisor for STEM Next Opportunity Fund with a lifelong passion for ensuring that all youth, particularly girls and underrepresented youth, have access to opportunities in STEM. Parent engagement has been part of Linda’s life work. As the Founder and former CEO of Techbridge Girls, she made family engagement one of the vital elements of the program and throughout her tenure committed resources to measure impact and better understand how to serve the needs of families. Linda advises STEM organizations on empowering families and shares research and resources with them. Linda also supports girl-serving organizations and advises the National Academy of Engineering’s EngineerGirl and LinkEngineering. Her expertise in research and practice supports parents, educators, and role models. Linda has a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Southern California and a doctorate in Special Education from the University of California, Berkeley.

Connect with Linda Keklis  
Twitter: @LindaKekelis 

Nancy Scales-Coddington headshot

Nancy Scales-Coddington

Nancy Scales-Coddington is passionate about creating dynamic partnerships and engagement opportunities, bringing awareness to STEM projects that broaden participation of traditionally marginalized audiences. She has worked as a STEM advocate in museums, classrooms, and public media for over twenty-three years. She is an award-winning producer, pushing boundaries in digital and social media content. Nancy is a science communicator, practicing, teaching, and lecturing at universities and organizations globally.

She has served as a science advisor and trainer on museum exhibits and PBS series including Climate Change, SciGirls, Hero Elementary, and Mashopolis. She has been part of the Science Teachers Association of New York State for over a decade, serving in various roles. Sharing how girls can reach their potential through a variety of available STEM career paths is at the heart of her work. Nancy calls the Finger Lakes of New York home, residing in Ithaca where you can find her outside hiking with her dog, paddling, or skiing.

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