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Guest: Siobahn Day Grady, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Program Director of Information Science 

This episode focuses on the specific challenges faced by women in STEM during their college years. We discuss issues such as imposter syndrome, gender biases, and limited mentorship opportunities. Our guest, an academic expert, shares insights and guidance on how women can navigate these challenges and maximize their college experience in STEM. We also discuss the importance of support networks, the impact of role models and mentors, and creating inclusive campus environments that empower women pursuing STEM degrees. 


Dr. Siobahn Day

Dr. Siobahn Day Grady

Dr. Siobahn Grady’s remarkable journey began as the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in 2018. Currently, she serves as an Assistant Professor and Program Director of Information Science/Systems at the School of Library and Information Sciences at North Carolina Central University. Notably, she heads the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Equity Research (LAIER), co-directs the Center for Data Equity (CODE), and holds the title of an Office e-Learning faculty fellow at the same institution.

A passionate researcher, Dr. Grady delves deep into the application of machine learning, targeting misinformation on social media and enhancing fault detection in autonomous vehicles. However, her pursuits are not confined to academic corridors; she is a vocal advocate for bolstering the representation of women and minorities in computer science. Recognizing the pronounced gender and racial disparities in STEM, she aspires to foster confidence in these groups, aiding them in sculpting a robust STEM identity. As an esteemed AAAS IF/THEN ambassador, Dr. Grady is at the forefront of instigating change, both through hands-on research and community outreach.

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Nancy Scales-Coddington headshot

Nancy Scales-Coddington

Nancy Scales-Coddington is passionate about creating dynamic partnerships and engagement opportunities, bringing awareness to STEM projects that broaden participation of traditionally marginalized audiences. She has worked as a STEM advocate in museums, classrooms, and public media for over twenty-three years. She is an award-winning producer, pushing boundaries in digital and social media content. Nancy is a science communicator, practicing, teaching, and lecturing at universities and organizations globally.

She has served as a science advisor and trainer on museum exhibits and PBS series including Climate Change, SciGirls, Hero Elementary, and Skillville. She has been part of the Science Teachers Association of New York State for over a decade, serving in various roles. Sharing how girls can reach their potential through a variety of available STEM career paths is at the heart of her work. Nancy calls the Finger Lakes of New York home, residing in Ithaca where you can find her outside hiking with her dog, paddling, or skiing.

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