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Citizen science is open to all and involves curious people whose individual acts contribute to a collective impact that is accelerating scientific research, discoveries, and local actions that improve the world. From sharing photos of nature to help scientists document biodiversity to browsing images on your computer to help speed up research about Alzheimer's disease, each of these acts of science is important. 

In this webinar recording, join NGCP, Montana State University, and SciStarter to hear examples of citizen science projects, gain ideas and resources for getting involved with projects, and learn how girls and other groups historically marginalized in science can benefit from participation in these programs. 

The NGCP Celebrates Citizen Science webinar was hosted by NGCP on April 30, 2024.

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Tara Cox - brunette with long hair wearing a black shirt

Tara Cox

Senior Manager of Programs and Partnerships, NGCP

Tara brings over 10 years of experience in museum and STEM education to her role as Senior Manager of Programs and Partnerships, where she leads a wide range of national STEM initiatives. She was the Co-Principal Investigator of the NSF-funded Leap into Science: Cultivating a National Network for Science and Literacy, where she leads the development of the train-the-trainer network.  

Tara is passionate about growing and supporting STEM projects that strive to broaden participation of traditionally underrepresented audiences in STEM. Prior to joining the NGCP team, she led professional development and outreach efforts for The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.  

Tara has a degree in Anthropology from Barnard College, Columbia University. She currently lives in Philly with her husband Shawn. 

Lise Mitchell, short brown hair and wearing a blue shirt

Lise Mitchell

Library Director, Grand Ledge Area District Library

Lise Mitchell joined the Grand Ledge Area District Library as their Library Director in 2013.  Ms. Mitchell received her Master’s in Library Science from Wayne State University in 1994. She has worked at the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Library of Michigan, and the Chippewa River District Library (CRDL) in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since joining GLADL, Ms. Mitchell has increased the library’s partnerships with the local government, business organizations, and schools. Science and technology have long been a passion for Lise, and working with to bring Citizen Science to the Grand Ledge community has been a very rewarding experience.

Suzi Taylor, short blonde-brown hair and wearing a black and white shirt

Suzi Taylor

Director, Montana State University Science Math Resource Center

Suzi Taylor is the director of the Science Math Resource Center, a STEM outreach center at Montana State University. She is also co-leader of the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative. Suzi has a long history of leading outreach programs to support the citizens of Montana, including projects funded by NASA, NSF, and the Air Force. Suzi has a special interest in reaching kids in Montana's smallest and most rural communities. Her favorite projects have included launching a geospatial skills camp for rural Montana youth; working with 40 Montana classrooms as they virtually followed an MSU geology expedition to Mount Everest; and leading a statewide geocaching project tied to the Montana Climate Assessment. Suzi is also a big advocate for and participant in citizen science and received a certificate from NASA as one of the top 10 contributors during the GLOBE Observer Summer 2019 campaign. 

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