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Incorporating youth voices into organizational missions can positively impact youth and the organizations they serve. The mission of NGCP’s Youth Advisory Board is to provide feedback on current NGCP initiatives and to inform our future direction. In this recording, meet our Youth Advisory Board members and learn about their current projects and vision for the future.

The Youth Advisory Board livestream was hosted by NGCP on September 13, 2023.

Mary A - YAB

Mary A.

Mary is a sophomore in high school who from a young age has been extremely passionate about the technological aspect of STEM. What instantly captivates her about the field of computer science specifically is the boundless creative freedom it offers, with endless possibilities for bringing programs to life. Today, she's proficient in multiple programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, C++, and JavaScript, and is actively working on various research projects using her programming knowledge.  

Being a Nigerian-American immigrant, Mary founded CTRL CODE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to giving young teens in Nigeria the chance to explore the vast field of computer science. She hosts online coding workshops covering topics from the fundamentals of computer science to the basics of Python programming, aiming to foster a passion for coding and empower kids to click "CTRL CODE" in their lives. Mary also actively contributes to her school's community, currently serving as the sophomore class president in student council and co-founder/president of her school's Girls Who Code Club. Outside of school, you can almost always find her reading a good book, writing original poetry, or cooking Nigerian dishes and sharing them on the Instagram page @naija_flavours. Mary is extremely honored to be on the Youth Advisory Board of the National Girls Collaborative Project, and can’t wait to encourage more girls around the world to explore the ever-evolving world of STEM! 

Nikhita P - YAB

Nikhita P.

Nikhita is a high school senior in Bellevue, Washington who is passionate about math, astronomy, and physics! She was selected as one of sixteen inaugural Flight Crew members by Million Girls Moonshot to amplify youth voices in the national conversation around STEM equity. She is also the director of GRASS (Girls Rock at STEM Seminars), where she conducts lessons, seminars, and workshops for middle school aged girls. In addition, Nikhita has been a member of the Toastmasters Rising Speakers Gavel Club since 2018, and is the current club President. Nikhita loves thinking outside of the box! She has participated in Destination Imagination for seven years and most recently won first place in the Digital Open 2022. Nikhita has also been a Girl Scout since kindergarten and earned her Silver Award for raising awareness about climate change. She has many hobbies and enjoys camping, hiking, rowing, stargazing, reading, and playing video games! In the future, Nikhita aims to study astrophysics and computer science to make new discoveries about the cosmos. 

Chloe S - Youth Advisory Board. Teen girl with blonde hair wearing blue dress

Chloe S.

Chloe is a junior in high school from Huntington, WV. She is one of two girls in her school’s aerospace engineering program. Chloe has grown to realize the difference in treatment from teachers between boys and girls in the classroom, specifically math and science. Because of this, she is an advocate for girls in STEM in hopes of  helping to level the playing field in male-dominated subjects. She has attended the WV Governor’s STEM Institute where she studied space objects such as galaxies and exoplanets through telescopes, and edited pictures using the electromagnetic spectrum. She has also attended the United States Naval Academy’s Youth Leadership Program and founded the STEM club at one of the largest high schools in West Virginia. Chloe aspires to study aerospace engineering at the United States Naval Academy. Her goal is to become the first female astronaut from the state of West Virginia and explore Mars. She plans to use her career to advocate for women in STEM as well as the military.

Alexandra Sandra Y - YAB

Alexandra (Sandra) Y.

Alexandra is a Senior from Carmel, IN! From competing in the USACO Platinum division to conducting research on high performance computing to being a National Finalist in the Air Force Association-sponsored Cyberpatriot competition, she has pursued her passion for computer science in a myriad of ways. However, she believes that the field of computer science is limited by its lack of diversity, which is why she works to bring CS education to those around her in her community. Partnering with Techbridge Girls to found Indiana's very first chapter, she teaches young girls to code, build, and engineer, and ignites their passion for the STEM field. Alexandra also loves to share her passion for competitive coding with those around her. This spring, she'll be leading and organizing the very first INDIGO Informatics Competition, a competitive programming contest for high schoolers in Indiana! Working with both local and national tech companies, she hopes to spark a love for computer science in high school students across the state

Candid Mack

Candid Mack

YAB Chair & Program and Events Coordinator

Candid Mack has over five years of experience coordinating small business programs for adults. Throughout her professional career, she established the first Small Business Incubator and Pitch Deck Competition for Queens Public Library. Candid’s passion is to be a part of the change she wants to see. Her overall mission is to create a generation of leaders that are goal-oriented and will become successful entrepreneurs and professionals. In 2021, she served as a mentor for Intrepid Museum’s Goals for Girls program where she mentored girls in STEM in creating a mock business. Candid has spoken at different youth-based organizations educating kids on the importance of having goals. Candid received her Communications degree from St. John’s University.

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