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Collaboration, as an interactive process, enables professionals across projects and communities to generate and carry out creative solutions and strategies that maximize benefit beyond what one project or community could accomplish. By creating collaborations among organizations committed to engaging underrepresented girls in STEM, we can improve opportunities by leveraging resources and expertise, sharing effective strategies, and filling gaps without duplicating services.

These practices for collaboration include strategies, curricula, and resources that have research and/or evaluation data to support their effectiveness. The exemplary practices help build the capacity of girl-serving organizations, education, and industry to create effective collaborations.

Exemplary Practices in Creating Successful Collaborations
This document outlines fifteen steps for creating successful collaborations and lists research references related to collaboration.

Collaboration as a Means to Building Capacity: Results and Future Directions of the National Girls Collaborative Project
This NGCP article, published in The Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, explores the role of collaboration in the project, outcomes and future directions.

Increasing Collaboration
When it comes to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of girl-serving STEM programs, high levels of collaboration are key.

Collective Impact Forum: Collective Impact Resources
From the Collective Impact Forum, this website provides an overview of Collective Impact and tools and resources to help organizations put Collective Impact into practice.

The Intersector Project. The Intersector Toolkit: Tools for Cross-Sector Collaboration
This Toolkit provides practical knowledge for practitioners from government, business, and non-profit sectors to diagnose, design, implement, and assess cross-sector collaborations.

The Partnering Initiative. 12 Steps towards successful cross-sector partnerships
From the Partnering Initiative, this document shares 12 steps to help organizations develop successful cross-sector partnerships.

Wilder Foundation Collaboration Resources  
This website (the online companion to the book, Collaboration: What Makes It Work, 3rd edition) shares resources, tools and ideas to support professionals in their collaborative efforts, including the Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory - a free tool to assess collaboration.

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