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Design Squad Latinx (DSL) was developed with and for Latinx communities in the continental United States and Puerto Rico. It encourages kids to apply their own valuable existing funds of knowledge to solving meaningful problems and, in doing so, supports them in seeing themselves as the designers, engineers, and creators that they are.

In this webinar recording, learn about Design Squad Latinx (DSL), an exciting bilingual (Spanish–English) initiative that engages kids ages 10–13 in the engineering design process through fun-packed, high-energy, hands-on challenges. 

The Empowering Young Creators with Design Squad Latinx webinar was hosted by NGCP on April 18, 2024.

Nicki Sirianni, woman with long blonde hair and grey shirt

Nicki Sirianni

Education Outreach and Marketing Manager, WGBH Education Foundation

Nicki Sirianni is the Education Outreach and Marketing Manager at WGBH Education Foundation (GBH) in Boston, MA. Nicki joined the education department in 2018 as a member of both the marketing and outreach team. Nicki manages and collaborates on various engagement, outreach, and social media projects at GBH, such as an out-of-school time youth engineering initiative called Design Squad Latinx, various history and civics youth education efforts, like the Youth Stand Up civic action project, and a computational thinking family engagement initiative for preschoolers called Playtime with the Wombats!  She specializes in developing and implementing culturally-relevant educational media that involve youth, educators, and communities with a focus on out of school time learning opportunities. Recently, Nicki was selected to serve on the PBS KIDS Advisory Council for her expertise in this area. 

Prior to GBH, Nicki spent many years working with children as a therapeutic mentor, preschool teacher and out of school time educator. Nicki holds a B.A. in Developmental Psychology from Boston University and a M.A. in Child Study and Human Development from Tufts University.

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