Mini-grants are awarded to girl-serving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) focused programs to support collaboration, address gaps and overlaps in service, and share exemplary practices. Mini-grants are a small amount of seed funding and are not intended to fully fund entire projects. The maximum mini-grant award is $1000.

Why Provide Mini-Grants?

Numerous organizations provide valuable but uncoordinated activities and support services related to motivating and supporting girls’ interest in STEM careers. Mini-grants are designed to build collaboration between existing programs and organizations to encourage girls to pursue STEM-related educational programs and careers. Preference is given to applications that are innovative and involve a collaboration between two programs or organizations that have not previously collaborated together.

Mini-Grant Application Requirements:

At least two programs from different organizations must collaborate on the mini-grant project.

  • You must have a program registered and approved in The Connectory before applying. Your collaborating partner must also be registered and approved in the Connectory. The Connectory is NGCP's newly expanded Program Directory. Learn more here.
  • Once your program is approved, clicking on the "Apply for Grant" link on the left hand navigation list will lead to a live application link. The actual application will only appear after your Connectory program is approved.
  • The applicant must choose one of her/his programs to be the lead program. You must have a program registered and approved in The Connectory before applying.
  • The lead program must be located in a collaborative state or region currently offering mini-grants.
  • Preference is given to projects that are innovative and include a collaboration between organizations that has not occurred before.
  • Mini-grant projects must last longer than one day, unless the one-day project is part of a larger event (e.g. a one-day STEM conference for middle school girls that is included within a week-long summer camp).

If you have a program registered in an area currently accepting mini-grant applications, you may submit an application. If you do not have a program registered, you must first register your program in The Connectory so it may be selected as your lead program. Learn more about The Connectory.

Learn more about current opportunities available and deadlines here.

"The grant we received was less than $1,000. The impact it made was priceless. It may have greatly changed the lives of these little girls. They have decided that science and engineering are interesting, fun, exciting, and for girls. Thank you!"

Mini-Grant Recipient