History and Model

The National Girls Collaborative Project maximizes access to shared resources and disseminates research-based promising practices that advance the work of existing and evolving girl-serving projects. The goals are to:

1. Maximize access to shared resources within projects, and with public and private sector organizations and institutions interested in expanding girls’ participation in STEM.

2. Strengthen capacity of existing and evolving projects by sharing exemplary practice research and program models, outcomes, and products.

3. Use the leverage of a network and the collaboration of individual girl-serving STEM programs to create the tipping point for gender equity in STEM.

Exemplary practices in these areas will be delivered using a variety of methods, including webcasts, the project Web site, and included in the professional development forums throughout each collaborative.

The National Girls Collaborative Project began in 2002 as the Northwest Girls Collaborative Project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). More information about the history and development of NGCP can be found here. Currently, 33 Collaboratives, serving 41 states, have been established as a part of the NGCP, facilitating collaboration between more than 36,400 organizations.

Collaboratives are typically contracted for a period of two or three years contingent upon an annual renewal process. The ideal setting for a Collaborative is a state already replete with extensive, but uncoordinated, activity in support of girls in STEM. A Collaborative is defined as two or more organizations which lead the activities for a state. Some larger states may utilize regional teams to assist with implementation of the NGCP model.

The ideal Convening Organization is one already engaged in work relating to girls in STEM and can fit the collaborative into existing job roles and activities. The ideal Collaborative Lead (an individual) lives and works in the community the collaborative serves, and has experience in forging mutually beneficial partnerships. The Collaborative Lead must be employed by the Convening Organization.

"My participation in NGCP events has been tremendously beneficial. The information I've received is relevant and pertinent to my work goals related to STEM programming. Before working with the NGCP it was time consuming and exhausting to navigate the glut of information out there regarding STEM for girls. Because STEM is only a portion of what I do in my job, it really wasn't time well spent. I place great value and get a huge return on the time I invest attending NGCP events." - Collaborative Participant

Using the NGCP collaborative structure, the NGCP National Leadership Team will assist in identifying strategic partners and forming collaborative networks at the local level. The NGCP National Leadership Team provides support to Collaboratives through the Collaboration Institute, ongoing and proactive technical assistance and mentoring, and webinars and other professional development.