Collaboration Institute

A Collaboration Institute will be held for new Collaborative Leadership teams and is facilitated by NGCP National Leadership Team. Workshops and activities are focused on the NGCP delivery structure and promising practice implementation.The Institute provides an opportunity for new collaborative leadership teams to plan and to meet with existing Collaborative teams to share strategies and lessons learned in Collaborative efforts and activities.

Ongoing Training and Support

The NGCP provides training and support to Collaborative Leads and Leadership team members through webinars and other targeted professional development.

Conferences, Forums, and Webinars

The NGCP model includes in-person and online professional development events and dissemination of exemplary practices, content, and resources via an interactive website, live and archived webinars, and in-person conferences and forums. These activities are designed to facilitate connections between organizations, improve access to exemplary practices in STEM, and encourage and support collaborative projects to more efficiently use resources. Most Collaboratives host a minimum of five events during the contracted project period (2-3 years): a Kick-Off conference to introduce the project, a Collaboration Forum to share strategies for successful partnerships, two professional development forums, and a Collaboration Conference. Each Collaborative will negotitate the number of activities they will host during the contracting process. The NGCP National Leadership team provides Collaboratives with resources and presentations that can be customized for local events.

Exemplary STEM Curriculum

The NGCP gives Collaboratives access to exemplary STEM curriculum via the Network Project model. The NGCP works with curriculum experts across the country in order to implement 'train-the-trainer' events, in which one to two individuals are selected from the Collaborative to participate in in-person training on hands-on, engaging STEM curriculum. Trainers then travel back to their respective states and are responsible for training educators within their state on the curriculum. Curriculum is often accompanied by kits, books, or other valuable materials and is an effective way of infusing resources across the Collaborative. 

The Connectory

The Connectory is a critical online collaboration tool unique to the NGCP model. Projects and organizations enter basic program data into the directory, providing brief descriptions of organizational goals, populations served, geographic location, and contact information. Connectory entries also include needs and resources as a catalyst for collaboration. Users search by these variables to find potential partners to meet their needs, resulting in more effective use of resources among projects, through the Provider Portal. The National Leadership Team provides administative support for The Connectory and local Collaborative Leadership Teams are provided access to their state data. Girl-serving STEM programs in The Connectory are displayed on each NGCP Collaborative's website.

Collaborative and National Champions Boards

The Champions Boards are designed to advise, support, and disseminate information about the project. The NGCP National Leadership team works with a National Champions Board selected to give the project a balance of desirable expertise and national representation. Each Collaborative will also develop and work with a Collaborative Champions Board, composed of local members that will meet at least twice per year. More than 200 senior professionals serve as National and Collaborative Champions. The National Leadership Team will assist you in connecting with National Champions Board members and partner organizations to develop your Collaborative Champions Board.