Collaborative Activities

Selected Collaboratives may elect, according to the needs and abilities expressed by the Collaborative Leadership Team, to partake in any of the following activities:

  1. Host an in-person or virtual site visit from the NGCP National Leadership team including:
    • A leadership team meeting with the complete Leadership team.
    • A general information meeting for other organizations and individuals in the community who may be interested in the project to be led by NGCP National Leadership team members
  2. Send Leadership Team members to the Collaboration Institute.
  3. Convene regular Leadership Team meetings, either virtually or in-person, recommended at least once per quarter. 
  4. Develop a Champions Board, with recommended convening at least twice per year (online, in-person, via conference call or video conference).
  5. Hold events, such as: Kick-Off Conference, Collaboration Forum, Professional Development Forums, and Collaboration Conference.
  6. Administer mini-grants.
  7. Outreach and dissemination, with an emphasis on reaching organizations that serve underrepresented girls.
  8. Release monthly or quarterly Collaborative newsletters.
  9. Participate in the NGCP Network Project Community of Practice. 
  10. Participate in project evaluation activities.