Benefits to Collaboratives

  1. Participation in the Collaborative national and international Network.
  2. Use of the NGCP and Collaborative name and logo in grant applications and for partnerships.
  3. Access to marketing resources and the NGCP, FabFems, and The Connectory collateral, as well as collateral provided by external partners.
  4. Participation in regular Online Collaborative Support Meetings.
  5. Collaboration Institute training focused on strategies for convening and supporting girl-serving, STEM-oriented organizations.
  6. Organizational and Collaborative activity promotion through the national e-newsletter and social media channels.
  7. Access to the Automated Online Event Registration System and Mini-grant administrative system to support and motivate collaboration.
  8. Access to the Collaborative SharePoint website.
  9. Facilitated donation processing.
  10. Participation in the NGCP Network Project community for bringing exemplary curriculum to your state or region.
  11. Collaborative access to the Adobe Connect system for webinars.
  12. Opportunities to network and strategize with other Collaborative teams.
  13. The National Girls Collaborative Project Collaboration Guide, a practical step-by-step guide to establishing a Collaborative project in your region.
  14. Opportunity to provide statewide leadership in initiating and expanding STEM activities.
  15. Ongoing project implementation support provided by the NGCP National Leadership Team.
  16. Access to professional development to build organizational capacity.
  17. Electronic tools such as: The Connectory (+Backend Data), FabFems (+Backend Data), Project Website (+Administrative Access), and Relevant Research (STEM References and Research Articles).

"Working with the Collaborative has been most fulfilling because it personifies the Collaboration Institute and the NGCP Collaboration Guide. The Collaborative Lead and I have forged a very productive professional relationship. I've had opportunities to make presentations on topics for which I have expertise. AAUW State Leadership has embraced the Collaborative by providing funds for Mini-Grants, inviting me to present at the state convention, and write articles for their newsletter. This experience has been most rewarding." -Collaborative Leadership Team member