The National Girls Collaborative Project™ (NGCP) brings together organizations throughout the United States that are committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM. The girl-serving STEM programs involved with NGCP are often isolated from one another and have limited access to research and program models. NGCP strives to reduce this isolation by facilitating collaboration among programs and disseminating research-based strategies and resources in accessible formats. In doing this work, both in-person at a regional level and online, we have realized a tremendous need to bring together practitioners working with girls in STEM with each other and with experts in the field.

To address this need, the Collaboration Conference was designed to bring together individuals and organizations who are interested in expanding STEM opportunities for girls and women, including local practitioners, national level experts, and research-based program models and resources.

Event goals included:

  • Increase collaboration between local girl-serving STEM professionals and with national level experts
  • Increase girl-serving STEM professionals’ access to resources such as research-based program models and resources
  • Provide training and incentives to collaborate on a local, regional and national level

Opening Reception sponsored by Girl Scouts of the USA.

For more information, please contact Karen Peterson.