Vanesha H.

VaneshaVanesha is an avid swimmer, violinist (Western and Indian classical), math lover, tinkerer and visual arts enthusiast. She is an analytical, hands-on and creative person interested in the intersection of technology and social change. As a co-founder of a nonprofit initiative Joys of Giving she has raised over $10k with a focus on bringing equity in education.

Her first personal experience and inspiration for being a STEM4All advocate began when she was a math camp counselor and noticed many young girls didn’t seem to be passionate, gave up easily and mentioned that being an ‘engineer’ was not for girls. Being a math lover, recipient of awards in competitions and having aced high school math classes in middle school, this seemed odd and she wanted to do something about it. A second learning in her journey was when she explored her interest as a tinkerer and enjoyed robotics but yet again found it was dominated by males and she hardly found any girls who were interested. This gap widened further when her passion for coding and tech was not something that was equally enjoyed by her peer female friends. All these learnings and experiences have made Vanesha very enthusiastic and passionate about bringing other girls and underserved minorities further along in exploring their passion in STEM fields.

She strongly believes that by creating more opportunities, advocates, and role models we can march towards an inclusive STEM community. She is part of several nonprofits teaching math, science and coding for girls and underserved kids completing over 300+ hours and impacting the lives of at least 150 kids thus far as part of workshops, classes and camps. As a recipient of the Presidential Service Gold Award in recognition of her community service, she wants to be a role model for younger girls who feel like they do not have a voice, and teach them to always “Remember their ABC’s (Always Be Confident).” She strives to think more broadly than just her personal experience of gender inequality and wants to BRIDGE the GAP in STEM regardless of age, culture, income and any other adversities. The two quotes below inspire what she does, what she wants to do and drives her passion forward.

“When one teaches, two learn” - Robert Heinlein

“At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished. It’s about who you’ve lifted up. Who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back”  - Denzel Washington