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Invent Now Kids
Mini Grant Applications Open
Virtual Networking
Girl Scouts of West Central Florida is the lead agency for the Florida Girls Collaborative Project.  GSWCF serves 8 counties, 30,000 girls and 10,000 adults.  Girl Scouts introduces girls of every age to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with activities that are relevant to everyday life. Whether they're discovering how a car's engine runs, becoming math whizzes, or learning about careers in STEM fields, girls are moving forward into the future.   

Invent Now Kids

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Invent Now Kids (INK) is a nonprofit organization that partners with over 1,000 schools and organizations nationwide to provide quality, out-of-school-time elementary enrichment programs with a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focus.  Endorsed by the United States Patent and Trademark

Office, INK programs expose young learners to skills such as leadership, teamwork, acceptance of ideas, decision-making, risk-taking, and adaptability.  As a leader in innovative education for 20 years, INK programs have provided children with the opportunity to learn, invent, and use 21st century skills such problem-solving through hands-on activities disguised as fun.  Its Camp Invention summer program and Club Invention out-of-school-time program models are easy to implement by the host site's educators.  These turnkey programs provide all curricula, materials, step-by-step instructions, teacher training and compensation, and promotional support.  

To see INK programs in action, visit www.youtube.com/inventnowkids.
For specific information, visit the organization's program Web sites, www.campinvention.org or www.clubinvention.org, or contact Regional Coordinator Danute Krebs at ricandnute@sbcglobal.net or 800.968.4332 x6920.
Mini-Grant Applications Now Being Accepted
Adult STEM 
What is a mini-grant?
Incentive money (up to $1000) for girl-serving organizations to work collaboratively to provide STEM programming.
What are the essential elements to apply? Mini-grants are not designed to supplement ongoing projects, but to enhance access, services, and to build collaboration between programs and resources.
 ·At least two programs each from a different organization must collaborate on the mini-grant project.
·All programs collaborating on the mini-grant must be registered in the Program Directory.
·Projects proposed must include content from the Research Based Strategies in informal learning or evaluation and assessment.
Does my collaborating partner need to be:
In my state?
As long as all programs or organizations involved in a collaborative project are registered in the NGCP Program Directory, collaborating partners can be located anywhere in the United States.

A new collaboration for my program? Or does the project need to be a completely new project or idea?  No. 
However, NGCP mini-grants cannot be used as sustaining funds for existing programs.  If you plan to apply for a mini-grant with a partner with whom you already collaborate, you must use mini-grant funds to enhance or improve the project.  For example, perhaps you identify and integrate new evaluation practices or you bring in a third partner who works with girls in a population you would like to target.
What do you mean by research-based strategies?
Research-based strategies refer to strategies, practices, curricula and resources that have research and/or evaluation data to support their effectiveness. One of the goals of NGCP is to strengthen the capacity of existing and evolving girl-serving STEM organizations by disseminating research-based strategies in informal learning and evaluation and assessment. The NGCP Web site contains a variety of resources to help mini-grant applicants incorporate research-based strategies into their projects.
Can I still apply for a Mini-grant if my program currently doesn't do much evaluation? Yes.
NGCP mini-grants exist to build the capacity of girl-serving STEM programs to incorporate sound evaluation practices in their program activities.  If your program currently does not conduct evaluation of program efforts, you can use some of the mini-grant funds to identify and incorporate evaluation tools into your efforts.  
How soon do I get the money?
Decisions for funding will be made by August 20, 2010.  Funding should be available within 30-90 days from the decision date.

What are allowable uses for mini-grant funds?
Generally, NGCP mini-grant funds will be allowed for: 
·         Food (refreshments for meetings, lunches for participants, etc.)
·         Transportation costs (buses)
·         Educational software
·         Hardware related to educational activities (robotics kits, etc.)
·         Essential project/activity supplies
Uses of mini-grant funds that are not allowable include, but are not limited to, the following:
·         Alcoholic beverages
·         Indirect charges/administrative overhead
·         Capital expenditures
·         Computer hardware (servers, desktops, laptops, etc.)
The following webcast has been archived with helpful information on how to apply:  
Mini-grants are designed to support collaboration, assessment activities, and projects related to addressing gaps and overlaps in service, and sharing promising practices. Mark Thielmann from Girls Inc.-Pinellas and Maile Martinez from Reel Grrls will share inspiring stories and outline strategies for successful partnership and program development. Mini-grant application basics and requirements will be presented. Since 2002, the NGCP has awarded over 100 mini-grants to organizations in California, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, and Wisconsin that support girl-serving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) focused programs.
To access archived webcasts: 
For more information about Florida Mini-Grants contact Amy Foster at afoster@gswcf.org or 813.262.1794.


Virtual Networking

Do you wish you could connect more often others doing similar work?  Do you ever find yourself saying " I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel again?"  The Florida Girls Collaborative Project is here to help professionals connect and share resources, as well as promising practices. 
We are currently exploring options for events in addition to the great local forums, statewide annual conferences, and national monthly webinars. 
Do you have access within your organization to utilize Skype or Video Conferencing?  Would be interested a virtual event?
Do you have other ideas/trainings you would like to suggest?
Are you interested in hosting a forum in your local area?
We are listening!  Please e-mail afoster@gswcf.org with feedback and input to inform our planning for a great Fall 2010 and Spring 2011!
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The Florida Girls Collaborative Project is a collaborative effort funded through the National Girls Collaborative Project and the National Science Foundation.  Partners of the National Girls Collaborative Project are featured above.  Agencies involved in the leadeship of the Florida Collaborative include Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Girls Inc. of Pinellas, University of Central Florida and the Women's Research Center, AAUW, and Girl Scouts of Apalachee Bend.  To learn more about the National Girls Collaborative Project or to contact one of the above agencies
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