Ritika S.

Ritika S.Ritika is a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as part of their EMSAP (Early Medical School Acceptance Program). She hopes to spread the value and opportunity that the world of STEM provides in a targeted approach towards girls, especially younger girls. With both her parents in STEM fields, she has come to learn and appreciate the gateways that STEM can provide for anyone with a dream to change the world. Her favorite part of STEM is science, more specifically health and medicine. She hopes to enter the medical field as a physician and potentially work to combat health disparities. Along with taking classes, she conducts Parkinson’s research and actively enjoys being a part of on-campus organizations such as the Social Justice Advocacy Council where she helps advocate for social justice in the Birmingham, the Active Minds Executive Board where she pushes for the destigmatization of mental health, and the SGA where she serves as the Civic Engagement Co-Coordinator to help get students registered to vote. She has a passion for spreading knowledge and empowering individuals to effect lasting change that lifts up marginalized groups. As part of the Girls Advisory Board, she hopes to focus on grassroots promotion of STEM to younger girls and to those in high school seeking to expand their horizons.