Olivia Pavco-Giaccia

Olivia Pavco-GiacciaOlivia brings her experiences as an advocate for STEM education, entrepreneurship, and girl-centric activism to her role as NGCP’s Director of Engagement and Innovation. She also founded and serves as the co-chair of our Young Girls Advisory Board (YoGA). A graduate of Yale University, Olivia was named a national innovator for positive change by NationSwell and was selected as one of Glamour Magazine’s “Top Ten College Women” for her work as founder and CEO of a social enterprise aimed to encourage girls in STEM. Her innovative work in the area of edutainment science media has garnered partnerships with major digital platforms including the Science Channel, NYT Digital, Facebook Watch, Seeker Media and more. In 2017, Discovery’s Science Channel honored Olivia and her work by naming her a “Science Super Hero.” When she’s not horseback riding, Olivia enjoys spending her free time watching baseball and playing rock cello.