Leadership Team for Arkansas Girls STEM Collaborative

Leadership Team members were selected to bring STEM and program management expertise to the Collaborative's work. Leadership Team members also provide regional representation within the Collaborative. Current Leadership Team members are:

  • Rebecca Webber
    Girls of Promise Project Coordinator
    Women's Foundation of Arkansas
  • Anna Beth Gorman
    Executive Director
    Women's Foundation of Arkansas
  • Kathleen Lawson
    The Discovery Network, Museum of Discovery
  • Sharon Vogelpohl
    Mangan Holcomb Partners/Team SI
  • Karen Walker
    Community Education Coordinator
  • Ginsie Simmons
    Assistant Director
    The Discovery Network
  • Julia Kilbourne
    Independent STEM Advisor
  • Kristy Kidd
    Project Director, STEM Starters+
    University of Arkansas at Little Rock
  • Dr. Suzanne Mitchell
    Executive Director
    Arkansas STEM Coalition
  • Cynthia VanWinkle
    CEO & President
    Circle Communications Network