Leadership Team for California Girls in STEM Collaborative

Leadership Team members were selected to bring STEM and program management expertise to the Collaborative's work. Leadership Team members also provide regional representation within the Collaborative. Current Leadership Team members are:

  • Carol Tang, Collaborative Co-Lead
    Executive Director
    Children’s Creativity Museum
  • Kelly Reina, Collborative Co-Lead
    Education and Program Administrator
    Children's Creativity Museum
  • Emma Mayerson
    Alliance for Girls
  • Heather Gibbons
    Informal Science Education Consultant
  • Heather Madison
    Education Manager
    Children's Creativity Museum
  • Lindsay Balfour
    Education Technology Specialist
    Children's Creativity Museum
  • Monika Mayer
    Director of Ingenuity Programs
    Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley
  • Parto Aram
    Founder and Director
    ISIS Education
  • Salleha Chaudhry
    West Coast Regional Director
    Girls Who Code
  • Sherry Hsi, Ph.D.
    Research Director, Center for Technology Innovation
    Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley