Newsletter issues from Maine Girls Collaborative Project

The e-newsletter seeks to support efforts in gender- and diversity-related issues in STEM fields. Members of the listserv receive information about the NGCP and the Collaborative, as well as information from other local programs and organizations that may be valuable for STEM-related programs, including funding opportunities, resources, and upcoming events.

This Collaborative does not currently have an e-newsletter. Please check back soon to subscribe to the e-newsletter. You can also contact the Collaborative Lead and ask to be included in any communications.

  • Workshop by Erika Allison, an engineer who is currently Project Director for the Maine Physical Sciences Partnership and Maine Elementary Sciences Parnership through the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education.

    In this workshop, we'll explore strategies to grow your program offerings into successive learning experiences to expand your impact.  We'll discuss budget-friendly methods so "successive learning experiences" doesn't mean "run more programs!"  We'll explore a case study of an organization's transition from event-based to pipeline-based, using blended learning and badging to expand their impact.  We'll discuss how collaboration can allow us to expand our impact together.  Finally, we'll "practice what we preach" by applying these strategies to an extremely relevant redesign challenge - how can we turn Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) from a one-time event into a successive learning experience?

  • Kay Stephens, co-author of the award winning book, Cyberslammed, will be leading a presentation on how cyberbullying has affected Maine students, how it ties into "the dark side of STEM" and practical strategies educators can take back with them to protect their students.