Events in Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC) Project

Local Collaboratives host a variety of events for STEM practitioners including girl-serving organizations, K-12 formal and informal educators, higher education faculty, industry and business leaders, and government.

New Collaboratives begin with a Kick-Off Conference to announce the project and to begin networking among participants. Programs enter their information into the NGCP online Program Directory and begin collaborating with other partners. A Collaboration Forum is held to share strategies for successful partnerships and provide planning time for collaborative mini-grant projects.

Collaboratives also host two Professional Development Forums that provide exemplary practices and strategies, highlight local programs and resources, and continue the valuable networking experience.

Once mini-grants are complete, Collaboratives will hold a Collaboration Conference. At this conference, grantees will have an opportunity to present their projects to a large group. Collaborative successes are shared and additional networking and professional development activities are offered at this event.

In addition to in-person events, the National Leadership Team hosts free webinars to present effective programs and exemplary practices for working with girls in STEM, including current research, program models and useful resources.



Title Description Datesort icon Type
MAGiC Forum: Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing All organizations and individuals interested in... February 13, 2016 Forum Event
MAGiC Professional Development Forum All organizations and individuals with an... January 15, 2015 Forum Event
SciGirls Professional Development training at the University of Maryland SciGirls is an Emmy-award winning PBS KIDS... February 1, 2014 Training event
Boosting Girls’ Interest in Engineering with the Emmy award-winning PBS’ Design Squad Nation The Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGIC) and... September 15, 2012 Forum Event
Role Models Matter: Recruiting, Retaining and Preparing FabFems for Outreach This is a pre-conference workshop at the 2012... April 25, 2012 Conference
MAGiC Research Forum The Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC)... March 10, 2012 Forum Event
Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative Conference The Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC)... September 24, 2011 Conference
Collaboration Conference The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP)... October 21, 2010 Conference
MAGiC Forum All organizations and individuals interested in... May 22, 2010 Forum Event
MAGiC Kickoff Conference The Mid-Atlantic Girls Collaborative (MAGiC)... September 26, 2009 Conference