Natalie P.

Natalie P.Hi guys! My name is Natalie and I am one of the founding members of the YoGA Board. I am currently studying Human Physiology, Public Health, and Women and Gender Studies at Boston University. I am passionate about women in STEM and want to help young girls get involved in medicine and engineering! I got involved in STEM when I was just four years old when I watched the discovery channel. This interest transformed into a passion and I hope one day into a career! In addition to medicine, I am fascinated by aviation and am even building a plane to fly once I complete my pilot training. If there was one thing I would want to tell girls interested in STEM its that it doesn't have to become your whole life and it doesn't have to be your defining attribute. I was scared to declare my love of science because I thought that if it did it would become my whole personality but in reality, it's just one part of who I am. I still love makeup, reality tv, and hockey, and none of those things make me any less of a scientist.

My favorite thing about the YoGA Board is the extraordinary girls I get to work with across the country. Each of us brings a unique perspective about science and education that is essential to our work. We all want to make STEM an accessible field for any child that is interested!