Dr. Justina Ford STEM Institute

Dr. Justina Ford was the first female African American physician in Denver.  In honor of her legacy, the Institute focuses its efforts on providing STEM opportunties for African American girls in North Denver.  The Justina Ford STEM Summer Camp "Science Starts with Me!" is a community-based health research project.  It is designed for participants to identify an indvidual health inquiry in which they will work with over thc course of a week.  This inquiry will connect with the scientific method used each day and journaling their analysis of the impact of food, movement, decision-making, and anatomy, first for themselves as individuals and then connecting with issues facing their local community.  Participants ages 8-12 ( grades 3-6) will be fully immersed and engaged through this summer science intensive.  The Camp will be held the week of July 21-25, 2014 and is open to girls meeting the age requirements primarily in urban North Denver.  Funding will be used to cover transportation and costs of the girls' field experiences.

Project Contact Info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Sims Fard
Project Details
Will the proposed project be a new collaboration for the collaborating partners?: 
Role and Contributions: 
JF STEM Institute and the Equity Assistance Center is a new collaborative. The Equity Center will provide support, training and information to staff and girls during the community research portion of the camp. Mixed methods data collected will include local health concerns, community mapping, and food quality and availability.
Project Goals: 
1) Increase participating girls' knowledge and awareness of key STEM concepts in their community through a project-based approach. 2) Increase participating girls' awareness of the STEM workforce and career options. 3) Foster a community commitment to engaging girls of color in STEM education.
Project Design Plans: 
The Dr Justina Ford STEM Institute will use the Earth Force strategy of engagement to increase STEM relevance for girls. The Earth Force Process guides girls in using scientific data to address issues in their community and developing solutions to those problems. During the STEM project girls will: select a STEM related issue to focus on, conduct research with experts in their selected STEM field, decide on an option for making actual change in their community through effecting practice or policy changes, create a plan that is implemented, and reflect on their discoveries. Experts in their selected STEM fields will serve as guest speakers at monthly workshops and presentations throughout the year. Making STEM relevant to their education and engaging girls in scientific problem solving processes is a means of elevating a standard of living in historically underserved communities.
Activities and Methods: 
Summer 2014. JF STEM Institute has its two week long summer program and launch for a new co-hort. girls will be engaged in activities that allow them to complete a service learning project around the theme of Health Equity. Activities include: 1. Workshops, presentations, field trips, guest speakers and group discussion that allow them to complete a service learning on health project using the Earth Force process.
Project Budget
Amount requested: 1000.00
Amount of matching funds: 1000.00
Organization providing matching funds: Earth Force
TransportationField trips and field experiences500.00
SnacksTwo per day per participant250.00
Entrance fees Health and body exhibit at Museum of Nature and Science250.00
Budget comments: Grant is to cover cost of supplies and staffing for field trip and field experience transportation costs, as well as two snacks per day for participants.
Population Served
Grades Served: 
Genders Served: 
Ethnicities Served: 
Project Objectives
Who is your activity primarily targeted towards?: 
K-12 Students
What age are you targeting?: 
11 to 14
What participant sub-groups (if any) is your activity targeting?: 
Which of the following types of objectives does your activity focus on achieving?: 
STEM career knowledge / other general knowledge
What specifically do you want participants to be able to do after they participate in the activity?: 
State/describe what one does in a particular STEM career.
Participants will extend knowledge of themselves through scientific inquiry at a critical developmental stages as individuals.
Project Evaluation
Assessment Activities: 
Informal observation of participants
Informal discussion with participants
Pre and post participant surveys or questionnaires
Collecting Information: