Meghana C.

Meghana C

Meghana is a junior in high school at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and she is really passionate about chemistry. Her curiosity in the natural sciences was sparked early on from science fairs and Science Olympiad competitions, in which she has placed top ten in states multiple times. As a 9th grader, she self-studied a college-level biology course, earning college credit and scoring a near-perfect score on the Biology SAT Subject. Currently, Meghana is on her school’s varsity science olympiad, science bowl, and ocean science bowl teams. Since middle school, she has participated in National History Day, a national historical research competition, where she has placed top ten in the nation. Analyzing the achievements of influential women in science, such as Rosalind Franklin, inspired her to pursue research. Currently, she is a member of the selective Research in Chemistry program at NCSSM. 

Meghana founded RESTEM Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to minimize the rural-urban educational divide by enhancing STEM education for the rural community, and inspiring and preparing them for real- world STEM occupations by providing free, fun, and educational experiment kits designed by her. Some of her hobbies are baking, dancing, and learning new music on the piano and violin. Meghana has been learning an indian classical dance called bharatanatyam and violin since she was 7 years old and will be finishing her dance arangetram (graduation performance) this summer!