KY Girls STEM Collaborative West Kentucky Forum - Physical/Applied Sciences

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Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
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Western Kentucky Community & Technical College, Emerging Technology Center
4810 Alben Barkley Drive
Paducah, KY 42001
United States
Phone: (270) 442-3174

The Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Business Education Partnership in partnership with the Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative invites female students, parents, businesses, and community members to participate in a regional forum to educate, encourage, and present STEM disciplines to young girls and provide hands on activites in physical and applied sciences.

Three sessions will be provided, each 35 minutes long. 

Session A – Astronaut Food
Astronauts must eat like everyone else when they are in space, but how can they eat a plate of spaghetti in space where there is no gravity?  Students in this session will learn how NASA deals with the lack of gravity in choosing food types and the containers to hold them.  Students will also learn how different foods are prepared so that they can be kept and eaten safely for a long period without refrigeration.

Session B – Internet Routing
Nearly everyone uses the internet these days, and many people are connected to it constantly via their phone or tablet computer.  Have you ever wondered how a computer in Malaysia knows that you are asking it for information, and how that information then can get back to you?  This session will demonstrate in a very effective way how information flows through the Internet by using the student participants as different parts of the Internet system. 

Session C – Cicadas – Night Music
We all hear the high pitched call of cicadas at night in early summer.  Students will learn all about these insects and how they affect our environment.  In addition, students will make a cicada repousse artwork (raised metallic image) that they will get to keep to decorate their home.

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