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Written by Keyli Pagan 

I like to blog because it’s a fun way to tell my story and write about things that I love. Blogging is when you write about something like stories and/or information. I would like teens to read my blog because I want them to connect to me. 

I really love that I can write about anything. Some things you can write about are your life, school, friends, family and yourself. I hardly write but I write at home in my little book about my life. It isn’t really about science. One thing I don’t like about writing on blogs is that you have to check spelling, you have to make it make sense, and also I don’t like it so much because I have to use correct grammar. But one thing I like about blogging is that we can put more details in the blog and with proper English. So when I’m writing to myself no one see’s it so it doesn’t  matter but when I’m writing on here people see it and it makes me feel like it needs to be perfect.

 I find blogging to be really fun. I can be creative and write what is really on my mind. I hope to get the reader’s attention and inspire teens to follow their dreams and never give up. Blogging gives me a place to explain my goals and tell other kids about what matters to me. That’s what I am doing- following my dreams in science, veterinary medicine, and acting.

A great rapper and singer once said “don’t follow your dreams, lead them” –lil crazed. This means that you should go after your dreams and never give up. I look up to him because he knew what he wanted and went after it. And he made it. That’s what I want to do with being a veterinary technician and actor, go after what I believe in. Hopefully my readers go after what they believe in and succeed.


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The medley, made up of 7 high praise songs [All Power, Yahweh, Mighty God, Thank You Lord, Eyin ni mo mo(You I know), Chidinma(God is Good), Imela(Thank You)], originally composed by her, was recorded live at the Delta Yadah Concert in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.


The amazing visuals captured the joy, dances steps, and the electric atmosphere of the event, spurred on by the energetic performances and uber dynamic vocals prowess of PatUwaje.


Speaking about the song, she said; “All Power Medley will bring down God’s Presence and glory into your homes and lives”


The live recording of audio and visuals was directed by Edward Sunday of Asuza productions.


In addition to releasing this video, the multiple award-winning female vocal powerhouse also announced;


“Due to so many misrepresentations around my full name, I have chosen to be henceforth known as Patuwaje King without space in between ‘Pat’ and ‘Uwaje’. There have been lots of confusing and embarrassing moments especially with just the name Patricia King, as there is another minister with that name. So I decided to stick with PatUwaje King. 





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