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Professional development sessions were offered by national experts in the field of gender equity and STEM. These 2 ½ hour working sessions offered participants a meaningful opportunity to interact with presenters and the material in order to be prepared to implement learnings post-conference.

  • You Can Make a Difference: Planning Role Model Visits and Field Trips to Inspire Girls in Science, Technology, and Engineering
    Organization: Techbridge
    Presenter: Jeri Countryman, Maria Anaya

    This workshop provided curriculum and resources to successfully introduce role models during classroom visits and field trips. Participants experienced hands-on activities that help girls discover the joy of science, engineering, and technology and learn our recipe for successfully introducing role models. This session highlighedt simple low-cost hands-on activities that are easy to lead, career exploration activities, lessons learned, and practical suggestions for role model visits to the classroom and field trips. Participants had the opportunity to share past outreach experiences, both successes and challenges, in small groups and received a copy of our role model outreach guide and toolkit, "Get Involved. Make a Difference" that includes practical tips as well as successful case studies for outreach across a variety of venues.  Photo - Maria Anaya (top), Jeri Countryman (bottom)

  • Seven Steps to Getting What You Want – Best Practices in Assessment
    Organization: AWE (Assessing Women and Men in Engineering) Project
    Presenter: Rose Marra, Barbara Bogue

    In this interactive workshop, participants learned how to apply seven steps that can be used to both design and effectively assess STEM Outreach activities. Workshop leaders Barbara Bogue and Rose Marra –Director and Research Director of the AWE (Assessing Women and Men in Engineering – and science and technology) have over 10 years experience helping persons offering programs to recruit and retain women into STEM fields to improve the impact of those programs. At the root of these improvements are ready-to-use, and easily customizable tools from the AWE project for both designing activities, and assessing them. The AWE project offers free access to a suite of surveys, data management and literature tools that can make the job of STEM outreach personnel much easier. Photo - Barbara Bogue

  • The SciGirls Seven: Strategies to Engage Girls in STEM
    Organization: SciGirls
    Presenter: Lisa Regalla, Joan Freese

    The new PBS Kids television series, SciGirls, features groups of middle school girls modeling authentic, girl-focused approaches to inquiry-based science and engineering projects. The SciGirls television series, Web site, and outreach initiatives emphasize current research on strategies, the SciGirls Seven, proven to increase girls' engagement in STEM. This workshop demonstrated these strategies and had participants practice transforming activities using the SciGirls Seven as a guide. Everyone was encouraged to share their own experiences and discuss best practices. Participants received a SciGirls Seven booklet and gained awareness of our additional FREE resources for girls ages 8-13, parents and educators. Photo - Lisa Regalla

  • An Equity Approach to STEM, Gender and Afterschool
    Organization: Educational Equity Center at AED
    Presenter: Maryann Stimmer, Linda Colon

    What is an equity approach? What does it take to engage and encourage girls to pursue an education and career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)? What does the research tell us? What are those key ingredients that can be embedded in any science activity?

    This presentation provided tools, resources and practical strategies that can be applied to any curriculum for creating a diverse and girl-friendly STEM environment. Participants learned about and shared strategies that support and sustain girls' interest and increase knowledge while making science fun, engaging and creative. Photo - Linda Colon

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