Exemplary Practices Overview

The National Girls Collaborative Project™ disseminates exemplary practices related to engaging girls in STEM, Collaboration, and Evaluation and Assessment. These practices include strategies, curricula and resources that have research and/or evaluation data to support their effectiveness. The exemplary practices help build the capacity of girl-serving organizations, education, and industry to provide high-quality opportunities for girls in STEM, create effective collaborations, and to effectively evaluate and assess their efforts.

NGCP aims to make exemplary practices accessible, disseminating these practices via the NGCP website, NGCP webinars, and NGCP Collaborative events. Mini-grant projects must also incorporate appropriate exemplary practices. Mini-Grant applicants need to describe the exemplary practices their project will include and how those practices relate to project goals.

"These resources gave me a better understanding of what grantors were looking for in evaluating a program. It provided us with a key element of our program effectiveness."