Emma M.


Emma M.To Emma, computer science acts as a force multiplier and as a bridge between cultures. During the summer of 2017, Emma formed lasting friendships with girls from the Middle East and North Africa, while she helped them learn to program in Python, at the State Department funded Tech Girls program.  Emma focuses on helping low income girls, and girls who are underrepresented minorities, gain the underlying math skills they need to enter college as computer science majors. She has testified before her local Board of Education about changes that would help students learn. As Co-president of the Math Honor Society and Co-chair of the tutoring committee of the National Honor Society, at her school, Emma will work with teachers and Honor Society members to increase the number of hours of tutoring five fold, and have tutors available to students when they are reviewing for tests or learning new concepts. During the summer of 2016, Emma worked with Dr. Gloria Washington at Howard University to develop software, in Python, to identify people of color from pictures of their ears, by improving existing algorithms for ear recognition. This school year Emma created a website in HTML for the lab of Dr. Wendell Hill at the Joint Quantum Institute at The University of Maryland.