Divya S.

Divya SDivya has been interested in STEM since an early age. Over the years, she observed a widening gender gap in her STEM classes at school. To address this issue and promote interest, she started a club to inspire younger girls and advocate for more women in STEM. This club works with elementary school kids, conducts workshops, and is collaborating with companies such as “Girls In Tech” on international projects to create more awareness. Additionally, the club has advocated for bills supporting this cause by meeting multiple senators and policy makers at Capitol Hill. Divya also is the co-founder of a company, and has won numerous awards for her business acumen from DECA, an entrepreneurial competition. She enjoys volunteering, has received the Silver and Silver Trefoil Award, and is working towards her Gold Award in Girl Scouts. She is also an accomplished Kathak dancer and enjoys teaching younger kids as an assistant teacher. Divya is very excited to join this advisory board and encourage young girls in STEM!