Cynthia O.

Cynthia O.Cynthia is an avid activist and feminist. She co-founded the Student Cultural Committee at her school, a committee that works to diversify the school and make students and teachers of different cultures feel welcome. She’s also working to better educate her community about social issues, like systemic racism. She is a poet and a dancer. She was a state finalist in North Carolina’s Poetry Out Loud competition and she was the captain of her school’s dance team. She has been interested in science, particularly neuroscience since before she could remember.

Cynthia has always had questions about the brain and all the wonders that came with it. An AP Psychology course helped answer some, but brought up so many more! This, mixed with the heart of an activist, pushed her to be a content reviewer for the International Youth Neuroscience Association, a youth led organization that works to provide the world’s youth with neuroscience resources and education.