Montana Girls STEM Collaborative

Row of girls using computers to program robots.The Montana Girls STEM Collaborative brings together organizations throughout Montana that are committed to informing and motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

About Montana Girls STEM Collaborative: Too often programs that serve girls in STEM are limited in service and impact due to size, location, funding, expertise, and equipment. In other cases, projects compete with each other, duplicating services and seeking the same resources. The Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project provides the opportunity for programs to increase their ability to maintain interest and participation of girls in STEM within Montana through collaboration.

The Montana Girls STEM Collaborative Project is based upon a model developed by the National Girls Collaborative Project, and replicated through a grant from the National Science Foundation. Project activities are designed to facilitate connections between organizations to maximize access to shared resources. Collaboration, as an interactive process, enables professionals across projects and communities to generate and carry out creative solutions and strategies that maximize benefit beyond what one project or community could accomplish.  The model is structured to bring organizations together to leverage resources, share information and exemplary practices, and to plan strategically to expand STEM-related opportunities for girls.

The Montana Girls STEM Collaborative was launched by Montana NSF EPSCoR with co-leaders based at Montana State University's Academic Technology and Outreach and the University of Montana's spectrUM Discovery Area. Collaborative activities are facilitated with the support of the Collaborative Leadership Team and the Champions Board, comprised of individuals located across the state of Montana.

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