Collaboration, as an interactive process, enables professionals across projects and communities to generate and carry out creative solutions and strategies that maximize benefit beyond what one project or community could accomplish. By creating collaborations among organizations committed to engaging underrepresented girls in STEM, we can improve opportunities by leveraging resources and expertise, sharing effective strategies, and filling gaps without duplicating services.

The NGCP model facilitates collaboration between individuals and organizations committed to encouraging and supporting girls and women in STEM through a number of strategic activities, including dissemination of collaboration resources via professional publications and webinars.

Collaboration Resources

Collaboration as a Means to Building Capacity: Results and Future Directions of the National Girls Collaborative Project
This NGCP article, published in The Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, explores the role of collaboration in the project, outcomes and future directions.

Best Practices and Research
This document outlines fifteen steps for creating successful collaborations and lists research references related to collaboration.

Partnerships for Learning: Community Support for Youth Success
This report, published by the Harvard Family Research Project, draws on the experiences of national organizations and a set of community schools that have built partnerships for learning, and examines seven key elements found to be essential in building them.

Download the report here.

The following webinars present exemplary practices, program models, and resources related to collaboration. The webinars are archived and can be accessed at any time and the accompanying PowerPoint slides are also available for download.

Increasing Program Impact: Best Practices in Collaboration
The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) has been designed to encourage collaboration among girl-serving STEM projects and programs. This webinar, led by NGCP PI Karen Peterson, examines the key elements of effective collaboration and lessons learned from NGCP and partner organization, GirlStart. Opportunities to practice collaborative strategies and engage in planning for collaborative projects are also included.

Creating Collaborations with NGCP Mini-Grants
In this interactive webinar you will learn how to create collaborations using NGCP mini-grant funding. Mini-grants are designed to support collaboration, assessment activities, and projects related to addressing gaps and overlaps in service, and sharing promising practices.