Caroline S.

Caroline S.Caroline is a sophomore in high school, and she has been involved in STEM for as long as she can remember. Mainly focusing on math, Caroline has participated in dozens of math competitions throughout middle and high school, both regionally and nationally. She is proud to have achieved a perfect score on the AMC 8, the only girl out of three perfect scorers from her state. More recently, she scored in the national top 2.5% on the AMC 10, qualifying for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME). For the past two years, Caroline was selected to be on the North Carolina team to compete at the national-level ARML competition; on the 35-person team, she was one of the only three girls present. Other notable math events that Caroline has participated in are Mathcounts, USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS), Duke Math Meet, and the NC State Math Contest (NCSMC).

Currently, at her high school, she is the co-leader of the Math Club, as well as the leader and founder of the Physics Club. Besides math, Caroline also enjoys physics and computer science. Although she is just beginning to learn computer science, she is already fascinated by the subject and can’t wait to learn more about coding!