Career Information

Best Online Resources For Science and Technology Jobs and Careers for Women and Minorities
Extensive list of links to education, organization, and career Web sites

Career Conversation Starters 
Guide for working with students, parents, and community members to address career readiness. Available in English and Spanish.

Diversity Careers Magazine
Targets women and minorities in engineering and IT programs and careers

Institute for Women in Trades, Technology, & Science (IWITTS)
Promotes women in the trades, technology, and science careers. Clip art section where you can download both clip art and pictures of women in non-traditional occupations.

Women of NASA
Meet and interact with the women at NASA who are enjoying successful careers in science, technology, engineering, and math

Provides tools, strategies and a virtual community to help increase women and girls' integration and retention in high-wage jobs that are considered nontraditional for women. Occupations range from technical/mechanical, information technology, telecommunications, construction, and more

Engineer Your Life
Meet inspiring women engineers who make a real difference in the world and help high school girls discover how exciting and rewarding an engineering career can be.

Spectrum Video Resources
Encourage more girls of color to pursue science careers by introducing them to women of color scientists! The Spectrum Program at San Francisco State University has developed two video collections highlighting rare women of color role models who are biomedical scientists.