Tribute to former Board Chair, Ed Doody

Ed DoodyNGC is recognizing Ed Doody for his outstanding board service to the National Girls Collaborative Project.

Ed Doody joined the board in 2014 because he believed in the vision.

Ed says, “Karen has consistently taught me both the expansive resonance of collaboration and the impact of females bonding for a common cause. I would admonish everyone to bear witness to her words and deeds. It has been my honor to support NGCP and Karen.”

Ed believes we need NGCP because “as our collective future lies in our youth, we have an obligation to mentor them on both the opportunities and the benefits gained via an experiential STEM education.”

Ed’s advice for future board champions of NGCP is to “honor and sustain the model of building a collaborative psyche. The focus of NGCP leadership should never be tactical; it should always be strategically adding value.”

Ed led not-for-profit research efforts motivating students to explore career pathways relevant to their interests, education, and passion. Ed spent over 35 years in international business as an executive responsible for business development, as well as mergers/acquisitions. During his tenure with Robert Bosch GMbH, Ed was based in Stuttgart, Germany and he also served as a senior executive with Meteor-Siegen headquartered in Siegen, Germany.

Ed's mission is motivating individuals to appreciate how much more they can accomplish as a team than individually; as a result, the group excels and the individuals celebrate.

Ed believes his work on the NGC board and other boards has provided him an exquisite learning opportunity. It reinforces for him what Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Ed’s work on the board informed strategic planning and partnership building and focused on accountability measures to show the impacts of the NGCP work.

Thank you, Ed Doody, for your outstanding contribution and service to the NGCP Board of Directors.