Savvy Society: Fashioneers in Training

Contributed by Alexa Fleischman, Founder & CEO of Savvy Society

Why Savvy Society? 

I wanted nothing to do with STEM as a child. That was totally my brother's thing - he was even the president of the Robotics club. However, everything changed when tech-giant EMC recruited me out of college. I planned on joining their Public Relations team, but through a series of unexpected events began working with engineering teams. To my surprise, I instantly fell in love with engineering and technology.

My biggest problem: I was more than a decade behind my peers in STEM exposure and education! Teaching myself the engineering behind EMC products at night became a second full-time job in order to be successful. My two best friends and co-founders - Lauren and Amanda - entered STEM related careers under similar circumstances. Female co-workers were few and far between, so we became each other's support system. Together, we had the conviction to overcome steep learning curves and became fiercely determined to make it easier for the next generation of girls to succeed in STEM. In the wise words of one of our biggest inspirations, Padmassree Warrior (CTO, Cisco), "Girls at a young age must have something that sparks their interest in technology or science." Enter, Savvy Society.

What is Savvy Society?

Savvy Society is an online education platform that exposes girls to the magic of STEAM through fashion design.  Girls enter our digital Style Lab where they're taught to create custom fashion accessories called Savvy Swirls, which interchangeably attach to Savvy Shoes. Through the design process, girls develop concrete CAD (computer-aided design) skills that prepare them for a future in STEAM. Their designs are brought to life using amazing 3D printing technology. Savvy Society is they type of STEAM exposure we wish we had as kids. We're leveraging the excitement that so many girls already have for fashion to get them interested in and engaged with important concepts for their future.

Why 3D Printing & CAD?

Looking at macro-trends driving careers today, 3D printing is leading the pack. 3D printing is disrupting entire industries from aerospace to healthcare, all the way to fashion and it NEEDS the female perspective. Over the next decade, 3D printing will impact our lives in the same way democratized access to computers and the ability to code have. Because it's still so new to the broader population and especially the consumer industry, men and women are starting on a level playing field. A unique opportunity exists to shape the perceived identity of 3D printing to include girls from day one.  If we can get ahead of 3D printing's identity before there's a gender gap, girls will never have the notion that 3D printing is something they have to be the exception in.

Wondering how you can help? 

Ask your groups of girls to share what they want to design for their shoes! Girls can start engaging with Savvy Society by uploading their drawings to our website or Facebook page by May 30. The winning drawings will be turned into the first Savvy Swirls available for girls to design in the Style Lab and the Swirls will be named after the winning girls! Additionally, pre-orders for Savvy Shoes and Savvy Swirls are open. All pre-order customers will receive a special invite for early-access to the Style Lab launching this June!

Lastly, we're happy to offer free, in-person events to introduce your groups to 3D printing! For more information on how Savvy Society can partner with your organization, contact me at

Thank you for your time and support! 


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