InventionX Master Training

This summer, National Girls Collaborative Project is partnering with InventionX to bring nine NGCP Collaboratives together for a Master Training. The Collaboratives were selected to participate in the planning and development of the first national InventionX challenge. On July 16th ten trainers from nine NGCP Collaboratives were brought together in Seattle, WA to attend the pilot Master Trainers Workshop for InventionX. Each Master Trainer will take their knowledge from this training to educators throughout their Collaborative to support participation in the InventionX Challenge.

Below are reflections from one of the participating Master Trainers: 

  • When we started the workshop, the concept of invention wasn’t new to us, but none of us would have described ourselves as inventors. That is how we knew we were excited to learn how to incorporate InventionX into our menu of trainings.
  • InventionX is not a curriculum with load of content we have to unpack to fully understand and incorporate into our work with youth. Although there is a valuable place for content-driven curriculum, InventionX is a process. It can be used with any curriculum and is a tool to make content relevant to youth.
  • We were trained on the 5-step process developed to engage the participated in creating solutions to a challenge. During the Master Training Workshop, we followed this process as if we were the youth.

Challenge Statement: Invent a product or system that helps increase the amount of usable water in the desert southwest.

Step 1: Inspiration

We explored the challenge topic and gathered ideas for our inventions. We worked together to research and discuss our ideas around the topic. At the completion of this, we were excited about the challenge topic, and had basic understanding of the science, technology, engineering, and math behind the challenge.

Step 2: Invention

We brainstormed as many ideas as possible for an invention to solve the challenge question. We gained a better understanding of team building techniques, learned how to evaluate problems from multiple perspectives, and engaged in innovative brainstorming techniques. We explored with the concept that: “no idea is a bad idea”

Step 3: Selection

We examined our ideas and selected the one we wanted to pursue for our invention. We worked together to identify what made our idea unique and exciting.

Step 4: Prototype

We created a physical model for our invention. We sketched and sketched again and then we built and built again. We failed and tried again and then we developed our final product prototype and presentation to pitch to the group.

Step 5: Pitch

We presented our invention by explaining what it does and how it solves their challenge question.

Individual groups were excited and passionate about their products. We had a variety of ideas from a house that made use of their own gray water to an app that allowed households to measure the amount of water usage and compete with other homes.

InventionX framework is exciting. It is fun and very simple to incorporate into your already developed curriculum. Each trainer expressed his/her excitement to take it back their states. Check out more about the InventionX curriculum and trainings at