Girlstart Interviews Girls About Their Summer Camp Experience with Ozobot™

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In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Girlstart wants to share one of our favorite programming tools for girls. Our mission is to increase girls’ interest and engagement in STEM through innovative, nationally-recognized informal STEM education programs. Girlstart's DeSTEMber program celebrates 31 days of STEM with a fun, online interactive calendar of STEM activities for the whole family. We have recruited two of our summer campers, Katie and Jette, to tell us about Ozobots™, one of the smallest and smartest robots.

What did you enjoy about programming the Ozobot™ to complete the Hermione Maze challenge during camp? 

Katie: "I loved how it was really open and free to make options on the program. It was really fun to use the color markers to give a path for the Ozobot!" 

Jette: "It was really satisfying to figure out how to make the robot complete the work with the shortest path possible. The programming interface was easy to understand - it let me work without much help." 

What challenges did you have to overcome to make your Ozobot™ work the way you wanted it to work?   

Katie: "Sometimes it would not work because the Ozobot™ got confused about the path so I kept revising until it worked perfectly!"

Jette: "It was tricky to think through which way the Ozobot™ was facing (not the way I was facing!) for each turn. I had to remember to calibrate the robot after each round of changes." 

What was your favorite thing about Girlstart Summer Camp?

Katie: "I love so many things about the camp like making many new friends and creating things hands-on! My favorite activity probably had to be either creating the castles or making the golden snitches."

Jette: "Girlstart has super cool technology projects that use logic and problem solving. It's fun to be with other people who are excited about the work they are doing." 


Girlstart has a special way of making STEM fun for girls, which results in girls having an enjoyable time doing STEM and wanting to do more STEM. Visit the Girlstart website for free, online STEM resources including Hands-on WednesdaysDeSTEMber, and curriculum for educators at