FabFems Community Building in the Pacific Northwest

The FabFems Project launched in 2011 because we believe that role models and mentors are essential; they demonstrate to young women what it looks like when you successfully follow your passions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Today we have more than 250 women in STEM in our role model directory who are inspiring role models for girls. They are passionate about their work and motivated to inspire girls to pursue STEM careers and courses.

FabFems can come from all sectors of STEM – veterans and mid-career professionals, as well as students and interns who have completed high school and are just beginning their STEM careers. We can be role models at any age; and we can all use role models and mentors, regardless of where we are in our careers.

This summer we initiated a very specific local outreach campaign to increase enrollment in our role model directory in a previously underrepresented region: the eastern part of Washington State. This outreach campaign focused not only on STEM professionals in eastern Washington/Idaho, but also on interns at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who are just beginning their careers in STEM.

Through the efforts of Brandi Heath, our outreach intern from The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory/Washington State University,  we recruited eleven new fantastic FabFems located in the Pacific Northwest region -- all committed to encouraging girls in STEM in their local communities.

We invite parents, young women and girls of all ages, and staff of girl-serving organizations to connect with these FabFems for field trip participation, in-school visits, job shadowing, online role modeling, summer camp visits, and more.

Meet our newest Pacific Northwest FabFems!!

Pictured Left to Right, Clockwise: Cassandra Sanders, Naila Al Hasan, Tristram Hokenson, Lydia Smith, Dana Stroud, Cristina Marinovici, Bethany Yollin, Maria Vlachopoulou, Larissa Rodriguez, Nikki Semmelroth, and Deborah Singleton

Profile Images of Pacific Northwest FabFems

Interested in a local FabFems outreach campaign for your area? Contact Nimisha at nghoshroy@edlabgroup.org