Experium Independent Research Student Wins National Award

Tiffany and RaudhahWritten by Kristine Kobe, Experium Science Academy

Tiffany Sato, 14-year-old Palos Verdes, California resident and Experium Science Academy student, has received one of 27 awards given to this year’s DuPont Challenge Junior Division winners (grades 7-9).

The DuPont challenge is one of the nation's premiere science essay awards program for more than 25 years. Each year, over 10,000 students across the country in grades 7-12 submit their own personal science essay in one of four categories.

Having enjoyed years of diverse scientific education and a variety of international field research projects, our team of primarily female Experium scientists merged their love of science and education into rewarding careers as science instructors at the Experium Science Academy in Torrance, CA. Kelly, Becky, Raudhah, and Dominique agree that the one of the best parts of science is sharing it with others, inspiring curiosity and encouraging students to pursue their own discoveries. This dynamic staff provides independent research support to young scientists.

Experium’s hopes are that, as students' interest in—and understanding of—science and technology increases, more students may pursue a career in one of these dynamic fields. To that end, we both nurture student interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics-oriented (STEM) careers through participation in national and international competitions that motivate them to excel.ng under the guidance of Experium’s mentor, Raudhah Rahman, Tiffany spent over 40+ hours developing and writing her extensive research, “Can Asparagus Inhibit Cancer Growth?” Her original research idea and dedication to succeed provided her the necessary ingredients to stand out amongst the thousands of other entries.

Experium continues to be the pioneer in providing inquiry-based science programs and independent research support to students K-12 in Southern California.

To learn how students can participate in independent research opportunities go to: www.experiumscienceacademy.com.