Ava N.

 Ava N.Ava is a rising sophomore in high school who has developed a passion for STEM as a whole and is particularly fascinated with subcategories such as engineering, artificial intelligence, and computer science. As a young adult, Ava feels that it is her duty to help her fellow school and community members gain access to useful, hands-on, and informative resources that have the potential to encourage high school-aged girls to pursue a STEM-related career. She has participated in and received awards for several clubs at her school including Model United Nations, Economics Club, and Future Business Leaders of America, which have provided her insight into the rapidly advancing scene of technological progression. Additionally, Ava is one of two co-founders of her school’s META (mathematics, engineering, technology development, and art) Club. While the club is relatively new, Ava and her partners plan to expand the influence of their group throughout their community and state in order to provide an extensive variety of projects, experiments, programs, and more to aid young students in their exploration of STEM.